Court Availability

Please find below a link to a copy of the club courts calendar for 2014, this will let you know when the courts are being used for matches, coaching etc (although generally there will still be at least 1 court available for social use). There is a copy of this on the noticeboard in the clubhouse, as well as a more specific daily calendar to help everyone arrange their Club Championship matches. Please feel free to keep these as up to date as possible.

calendar 2014

  • During match season (end April – end June) matches take priority over social tennis, however, there is always 1 free court during this period as matches use only 3 courts.
  • Matches usually start from 6.15 and run till approximately 9 – 10pm (at the latest).
  • See ‘Seniors‘ page for home or away venue as 50% of matches are ‘away’ at other clubs and therefore, all 4 courts would be ‘free’ in theory).
  • See ‘up and coming events page’ for tournaments